LaserZahnheilkunde 5 (2008), Nr. 1     30. Juli 2008
LaserZahnheilkunde 5 (2008), Nr. 1  (30.07.2008)

Seite 7-12

Photodynamische Therapie - ein aktuelles antimikrobielles Verfahren
Sigusch, Bernd W. / Nietzsch, Thomas / Poppitz, Frank / Völpel, Andrea
Due to the great number of hard tissue surfaces, the oral area is a preferred location of biofilms. It is known now that mechanical methods alone are insufficient to remove oral biofilms containing pathogenic bacterial species. It is further known that the adjuvant application of disinfectants and antibiotics is not free from side effects. The antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) opens up a possibility to successfully suppress pathogenic species by the local application of a photosensitizer and laser light.

Schlagwörter: Photodynamische Therapie, PDT, antimikrobielle Therapie